We are the sole leading company specialised in making Prestressed Steel.

Our expertise provides us with a great production capacity and a fast response to any challenges that our customers around the world demand from us.

Our personalised assistance enables us to attend our customers’ needs personally, anywhere in the world, instead of working with any traders or agents.

This allows for direct communication with them and for the whole process from offer consideration, analysis, needs and comments to be solved straight away.

We avoid any external, unnecessary costs and we provide our customers with the highest quality and service. We adapt our materials to any needs no matter how difficult they may be.

We take pride in backing our customers through the world’s greatest challenges for railway infrastructures.

We are equipped with the best existing technology and state of the art machinery. We are unbeatable in the quality we provide, thanks to our experience.

We are aware of the various markets we design our products for and we produce the latter in line with the needs and expectations of such markets, combining technical innovation and systematic quality control together with our experience.